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Triumphant return to DeviantArt with a triumphant photo and costume XD haha. Supersrsbsns.
Every year we try to do a new FFV job class, and we're knocking out the most ridiculous of the bunch first haha. Last year was geomancers, this year, beastmaster/trainer!! hahaha I just love us <3

Series: Final Fantasy V
Beastmaster/ trainer job class

Bartz/Butz: :iconmarjolycookie:
Krile: :iconphavorianne:
Faris: :iconvalnika: (me!)
Lenna: :iconx-lunairetic-x:

Location: National Harbor, MD - MAGFest 2015
Photographer: Marvin of Hero Hotties
Chris Lightfellow by ValNika
Chris Lightfellow
Ahhh! Finally one of my dream cosplays has come to life! I had help from friends with this...from armor design to pleat design to wig help....but it all turned out so beautiful in the end! I'm so so proud and happy of how this turned out. <3

And I won second place this year in the Suikoden Day cosplay contest! I can't believe it! Thank you thank you!

Character: Chris Lightfellow
Series: Suikoden III

Location: Otakon 2014, Baltimore, MD
Photo by: CKDecember


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United States
Cheesy ID, I know. But I was getting sick of my Azula one. lol

Myself as Faris from Final Fantasy V, dancer job class
Made and worn by me
Wig styled by: :iconx-lunairetic-x:

Location: Anime USA 2012, Marriott at Woodley Park, Washington DC
Photographer: Larry Bradby, at the official photobooth
Crop and text insert by me! lolz.

Find me on: - ffviki
World Cosplay - ValNika
CosplayLab - Valnika
ACParadise - Valnika
Cure Cosplay- ヴァル二カ (Valnika), #309619
Facebook -
Youtube - ffchrissie / ValNikaVlogs
Twitter - ffviki

Happy New Year! --My Year in Cosplay

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 30, 2012, 11:37 PM
My 2012 year of cosplay! Everyone else was doing it so I had to jump on the bandwagon :)

So... I've been cosplaying since October of 2009... and I made over half of my costumes in 2012! Wow! Some of them required minimal effort, and some were just remaking crucial parts of a costume, but I'm pretty impressed with this. :) (5 of them are also Rinoa variants...hahaha)

1- Terra. Revamped for MAGFest in January.
Not originally made in 2012, but I remade the sash completely, restyled the wig, and 100% repainted the boots. Those things took more time than making the original dress, so I feel that it counts.

2- Rinoa. Complete reboot for Katsucon in February.
Rinoa was my first costume and she was due for a reboot! The only things kept from the first version were the shirt, skirt, and necklace. Everything else was new, and I added a wig and her pinwheel!

3- Rinoa ball dress. Made for Katsucon in February.
Needed a formal outfit for the ball. Still don't have accurate shoes :(

4- Commander Shepard. Made for the Mass Effect 3 midnight release in March.
Originally made the jacket for the release but used my real hair. Added the wig for Anime USA in November.

5- Jenna. Made for the DC Sakura Matsuri in April.
Totally new costume. Will hopefully be adding her staff in 2013!

6- Woodland Elf. Made for the Maryland Faerie Festival in May.
Not super happy with this and I'll never wear it again. I hope to have something cuter for next year's event. ^^

7- Azula. Made for JAFAX in June.
Totally new costume, made for a group. I hope to wear it more soon!

8- Tifa. Revamped for JAFAX in June.
Originally made in 2011, but I added a wig, new skirt, new shoes.

9- My wedding in July.
Well, not a cosplay. :P But it's pretty noteworthy! And I got married on Otakon weekend, so I couldn't be at the con :P

10- Rinoa bathing suit. Made for our beach shoot in August.
Well, we were on a beach, so I needed a beach outfit! :P Minimal effort in this one.

11- Rinoa Casual. Made for our beach shoot in August.
Again minimal effort. But we had so many other versions, why not casual to go out to dinner in?

12- Adventuring Elf. Made for Maryland RenFest in October.
Made from 100% left over materials. Totally free costume! Won't be wearing it again though because I reused the tunic for my Christmas Rinoa.

13- Dancer Faris. Made for Anime USA in November.
Made for an awesomely fun FFV dancer group. A bit skimpy, but fun to wear. I hope to make more Faris jobs in the future :)

14- Christmas Rinoa. Made for Cosplay Christmas Party in December.
Reused my elf tunic for this one. Simple costume, but lots of fun, and now I have a holiday costume!

Happy new year everyone! And here's to many more in 2013!

Love, Val


Confirmed events for 2013:

DC Sakura Matsuri
MD RenFest
Anime USA

Journal design by Simmemann
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